Poetic State Of Mind

Que Sera, Sera…

Mistakes I made over in the past,
Passes by me everyday when I glance @ an hour glass,
Shape..curved like Coca-cola,
Skin soft and colour blossoming in shades of mocha,

They say love is a beautiful thing,
I guess I saw it different,
Oh love was beautiful,
But I failed to note the John Terry hazard sign,
I was slipping,

Sorry isn’t enough (2x)
My chest feels like a brick, but my heart ain’t solid and tough,

Reminiscing over the times I was stressing instead of being thankful for a blessing,
Now we find ourselves split apart like a path and having people guessing,

A hard lesson I failed to get over,
Now iTouch apples like a mac but I’m one cheesy casanova,

Shows over they said,
My life’s a wrap,
Curtains closed on my set,
No boos but ironic claps,

I apologise if I came in between your dreams,
Selfish ambitions instead of putting 1st your feelings,

Am I guilty of loving?
Maybe so,
But can you blame me for falling for these women wearing a halo?

I deserve my fate,
Watching you love while I embrace hate,
Watching you smile while my soul aches,
Everything happens for a reason, guess my life was meant to go this way,

But I’ll continue to love,
Even though my soul’s trapped in loneliness cuffs,

If your happiness is dependent on the scars that lie deep within my hearts core,
Then I’ll keep carving out pieces till my breath ceases, eyes blackout and I can love no more…


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