Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#98)

We all have that moment when we feel like someone or some people are out to get you. The misconception of opinions being perceived as threats is most common to the modern day human being. Its part of our reasoning and thinking when really it shouldn’t.

Our aggressive nature is solely responsible for this kind of deceptive perception. You might think you don’t have it in you but until you’ve faced a situation that properly tests your anger and your composure levels, you’ll be fooled into thinking that you are less prone to anger and to some degree, overreaction.

Don’t get me wrong though, its naturally ok to be aggressive. However where we allow that aggressiveness to turn us into its slaves is where the problem really surfaces. We need to set barriers to the aggressive part in us. Else our emotions would be like driving on a road without crash bars nor speed ramps. We’ll always drive into conclusions of harmless perceptions.

This aggressiveness is also due to the fact that we feel if we let our guards down, people would ride on us like we’re ground derby horses. Truthfully, in the world we live in presently, we still have people who look for the slightest opportunity to ride on us, but how do you easily find them? Its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You’ll spend days looking for it, but eventually when you do, you’d realise you’d have wasted good years of your life.

The thought of having to feel people are out to get you in itself, shows a sense of insecurity. Insecurities such as these dampen our self belief to propel ourselves onto greater heights. It prevents us from facing our biggest tests and most importantly, break our spirits. Accept that, within every action you make, there are bound to be appraisals and criticisms.

These two are always there, and will always continue to be there. However, you can’t look @ appraisals and feel good about yourself but panic when criticised. It doesn’t work that way. Criticism is there to build our self confidence. If anything, its there to motivate us to work harder, better and correct the wrongs which we may have done in one way or another.

Allowing your aggressive nature to perceive a critics comment is allowing negativity to slap you ten times harder than a concrete would if it bashed your head. Its that severe, and until we gain control ourselves, it will eventually be the death of us. Take opinions on the chin irrespective of how they come by. Remember, if you know you’re doing the right thing, those opinions shouldn’t pluck a single feather off your skin.

Mind over matter is the principle to adopt. The only person who is out to get you is you yourself if you allow your aggressive nature + criticism to take its toll on you.


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