Poetic State Of Mind

All My Love (Happy Valentine’s Day)…

Angel eyes, heavenly heart,
I wished on a star, and you came into
my life’s path,

So its only right that I show you gratification and reiterate to u my hearts dedication,

This is a day of celebration but to me having you makes everyday worth celebrating,

There is no place I’d rather be than here with you,
Cause within my faults, I found truth,

Within war against myself I found truce,
Within my thoughts, I found a clue,

Within the many, you stood out amongst the few,
Within my prayer, God blessed me with you,

Little steps we take by the shore,
The sunset right before our eyes, as we lay and kiss on the floor,

Everything I wanted was in abundance but I needed more,
That’s when I washed out the negatives and you appeared vividly mi amor,

My best friend, my inner soul,
Let these words levitate your spirit and sweep you off your sole,

My angel there’s none truer than you,
What we have is too good to be true,
But that’s what dreams are made of,
You’re a sudden bolt from the blue,

Endlessly, is how much my love for you will be,
I’ll let you fall gracefully,
In my arms you’ll land safely,

And when u open your eyes,
And I’m on my one knee graciously,
With a box ready to be opened,
a sign of my commitment faithfully,

Let it be known that in you my heart finds peace more,
It is you my heart never ceases to beat for,


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