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The Day After 14/02…

So I woke up this morning, checked the date and was like “Whew! Thank God, I’m glad that’s over” with a sarcastic smile of course. I mean why wouldn’t I? For weeks the hype around Valentines Day had echoed through my ears and through the social networks. So now that the day has passed what’s next?

Reflections is usually the best way to describe it. Some hearts got broken, but to be honest if you wait till Valentines Day to break up with your significant other, you are about as heartless as a serial killer. I mean think about it? Of all the days in the calendar, why that day? Coward much? Or stupid much? I’ll leave that to you.

Some also found love, nothing wrong there. However if you went straight to the point that you love the person without 1st liking the person, there’s something wrong with you. Oh and please, please, PLEASE! Sex with an “I Love U” quote is invalid. No substance to it, its like in the heat of the moment, someone stepping on your toe and you immediately reacting with “Oh are you stupid?”

Some searched and searched, and yep woke up today still searching. Fear not, there are 365days in a year, you have more time. What’s the rush?! Abeg, chock for your corner. Take it easy. At the end of the day, someone somewhere is hoping to meet you, let it be heavenly divine, not humanly intervened.

However within all this, was the message really spread? Was love shown or was it just a day of lustful activities? Remember its not a day for lovers only, but generally a day to show love to everyone. If the message of love was improperly addressed, then we failed to celebrate its true meaning. If you woke up today on the back of an argument or quarrel with someone or some people, you also failed the test.

Whatever be the case, the day has passed. Pregnancies might be on the way, pharmacies may have run short on condoms and contraceptives, chocolates may be giving some people constipation, but life still goes on. Enough with the groans of “I gnashed” and “I hate Valentines Day”. If you upped your game, maybe, just maybe, you would have been fortunate.

You win some, you lose some. That’s life for you, deal with it!


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