Poetic State Of Mind

Kwasia…Am I Making Sense???!!!

Palm trees, palm wine and kalabash,
Sitting under a tree, my mind feels like I almost had a crash,

Look at the birds flying in the sky, Why?
So high, where are my wings, oh my,

Will the sun ever come out? It’s so cold,
It keeps raining n I’m feeling hot, oh no,

Imagine me eating fufu with Obama,
Imagine me playing Chaleskele with Alui Mahama,

My dreams are big, tomorrow I’ll jog to the UK,
I swear the queen will be impressed by nose-picking display,

Too many cars on our street..I prefer hopping,
No tracksuits, no supporta..jst naked, no flip flopping,

Take a bath?..n get rid of my fresh shommy?
No Calvin Klains, no Tommy Pillfiger just natural n funky,

I’m from the hood too, my pool is located @ KoG-C,
Thats Korle-Gonno County for all you haterz, you never hear of we?

I’m too fly for Miss World, give me Adjoa Smart,
My wedding needs no invitation, you see the Lagoon, just meet us
@ the steepest part,

I love waakye, but right now i really need some “togb33”,
Alongside “asaana” on rocks..kw3, kw3.kw33,

Money is the root of all evil, square the root off,
Round it to the rays of women without money, jack! I’m better off,

Wee is good for the hair but is it good for the soul?
The answer is as simple as ABC, perfect replacement for kontomire no joke,

I’ve climbed the highest mountain and swam in the coldest sea,
Yeah, that was the sand pile n the 6ft puddle of muddy water for b.opoku
down street,

No ghetto blaster but I’m as noisy as ever,
When I clank my konko against my chukucha sticks..I make music so clever,

Cant teach me nothing, I’m a graduate by profession o,
F’s in chain, watch me make a fool out of u with my words like kooko,

(Yawn) I’m so tired now, you’ve been a wonderful guest in my world,
Good afternoon, good day, hip-hip hooray, yours truly from me..kwasia n my gurl..**


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