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Let me start off by saying Twitter is EVIL! LOL Joking! The irony in what I said here is the blatant truth to the woes of many who might end up reading this piece.

What’s in a 140characterized statement anyway? Dots, lines, jokes, emotions, links of videos, pictures, insults, smileys…blah blah blah, yadi yadi yah…We all know the objective of this social network was to express your thoughts. However, this objective is gradually showing symptoms of what facebook has become.

I’m trying to make this piece as brief and concise as I can, but with the fuckery that grinds my gears so hard, I might contradict myself. Fear not, this piece will still make sense irrespective of the “minor” rants that are to follow.

Now, 1st question here is, since when did it become a norm for people to misquote a tweet? Just cause you may relate to that tweet doesn’t mean whoever sent that tweet is getting @ you. You must be the only person @ that moment feeling special for no damn reason. Learn to read and comprehend outside the box.

Judging people on the basis of “morality” yet practising immorality? See what you have to get here is, we are a diversified bunch of people living on earth, we each have our own perception to what we see “morally acceptable”. So I smoke, take a picture and use it as my avatar, boo hoo, quit your whining. We all have dirty linen, but if your stains are more than mine, your quote is irrelevant.

To top that last paragraph, creating accounts to “expose”, “disgrace”, “punish”, see, these words are all negative. To a degree it makes sense if you are telling the truth, but what’s the motif though? To gain popularity? Kill careers? The value of the social network loses its credibility when such negativity is being deployed.

You don’t even get paid for that s*** you do.

Not going to get into the issue of “hidden accounts” because frankly I don’t believe in unemployed wimps thinking they’re “Internet KONY’s” or “Internet Serial Killers”.

Now onto a part of this subject that really grinds my gears. “Twitter beefs” or as my girl Bree would say “Twitter jollof”. For fucks sake, have we not learnt anything from facebook? Why would you want to bring your r/ship, “I got swag than you” drama on there, to the extent you send out “mini gangsta threats”?

Oh I’m not going to call out names, but you reading this! Yes you! You’re mad right now, cause the truth hurts! Stupidity hurts 10x as much and should with such pity behaviour.

Back to everybody. The point is, if you want to have a shootout session, have it in the real world. Call your crews, go pull out your guns, then kill yourselves and have the police feel special that they have a reason to wake up out of their beds each day to clean up s*** like this. Afterall, they’re work is that boring.

To those that demand a “follow back”, do me a favour, get yourselves off the damn network. Last time I checked, there weren’t any thugs holding guns to the side of my head saying “Follow or Die”. Its not by force! *in my Ghanaian English tone*

Oh and if you get mad or make silly comments that “I followed Kwesi Mensah or Adjoa Attah and he or she didn’t holla” my simple response to you is “Stab yourself and keep waiting till I actually do”. If you survive by the time I actually feel like doing it (which would be never) then you’re quite amazing.

Naah you know what, this could go on and on, let me just end here with a few simple truths.
1. Twitter is fictional, you choose to make it non-fictional.

2. Spend your aggressive energy on something more productive other than “beefing” or “jollofing”

3. The world doesn’t give a dam if you jump off the building, “attention seeking whores” never make it past the finish line anyway.

4. Enjoy Twitter, 140 characters should provide entertainment, a bit of fooling, but none of stupidity.

And if you found this piece irrelevant, I could give a less fuck!

Thank U!


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