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Words Of Inspiration (#100)

We get to make a living; we give to make a life.” – Winston Churchill

My 100th Word Of Inspiration…I started with that quote cause its symbolises what I’ve been doing since I started this…I would like to thank all of you who’ve encouraged and appreciated what I do from the very 1st post and I pray your lives will get a deeper and better meaning by each post..Thank You…with that said…I give you my 100th inspiration..

Often than not we tend to feel like we always need to reach out to people who fail to reach out to us. This is in its plain sense is an acceptable act but however, its essential we clarify btn those who deserve to be reached to and those who deserve to be ignored.

Friendships and relationships last longer due to the simple reason that within every qualm, problem or break of communication, one party is usually able to re-establish the broken down communication or restore things to how they use to be.

There are friends who are easily accessible in this sense, others are totally redundant. To tell between these two different species is quite simple. The longer they stay away, the less accessible they are. Hence your incentive to ignore them also.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody is perfect, and some people have slow reactions but common sense should tell you that where communication is not parallel, you have to advice yourself. You don’t owe anyone any explanation or what not. Neither does your life surround these people.

You came to the world alone, you will leave alone. Simples.


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