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Words Of Inspiration (#102)

As a child growing up, the word “priorities” was defined to me in various ways. Some of these were, “do your homework before you play”, “brush your teeth before going to bed”, “lace your shoes before you start to walk in them”.

We’ve all been through it and at that time, we probably felt our parents were taking the piss, but in actual sense, they were grooming us to be responsible people. They were teaching us how to put relevance ahead of insignificance in real time motion.

Fast forward to this present day, how many of us can confidently say we’ve learned from those nagging times of grooming?

Priorities are essential to every rational thinking person. It’s all about putting relevant issues and activities ahead of those irrelevant and insignificant at that particular moment in time.

There’s not much to it to be honest. Organisation is the key motive. Knowing what to do at the exact point in time so as to attain positive results. A disorganised life is one with no sense of priorities.

Think of it as building a house. You need to go through the accurate steps in order for the structure to come out right, else you will end up building a death trap rather than a shelter.


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