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Words Of Inspiration (#103)

What are you thankful for? Do you just wake up every morning saying “Thank You Lord” without hitting specific points? I believe each day is a day to be thankful for an event of yesterday or probably days back.

What’s so special about this is the fact that, to each event or moment that we are thankful for, there’s an added grace or blessing that comes along with it. Depending on your beliefs, be it God or Alllah or Buddha etc, there is a supernatural being whose existence does not let a single day of thanksgiving go unnoticed.

The worry however is, whether we do even give reverence to these beliefs we have. Take this morning for instance, have you given reverence to the being you believe in? Unless you’re an atheist, an excuse like “Oh its just one day” or “It just skipped my memory” should not be tolerated.

You’re alive for a reason. That being the fact that your life was sparred whereas for someone else, it was their time to go.

The main point here is to be thankful each morning for the little or large moments and events that take place in your life. You don’t have to wait for an accident, nor a gift, nor a birthday before you actually give a gratifying prayer.

Fact of the matter is, life is unpredictable. People change, some die, some will shun your company, and businesses, investments, etc can take a downward turn. Its important to give thanks for situations as they are, as well as, asking for improvements on them.


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