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Words Of Inspiration (#104)

Consistency! We know life is imperfect, but when you also fail to make the best out of life’s imperfection then you become the root of a problem which you feel should be attributed to events or people around you.

To be consistent is simply to keep a trend or a methodical system of activity in check. In lame mans terms, it means to keep doing the same things that bear positive results. This word is normally associated with football. However our everyday lives can and should be associated with it too.

Take a football team whose performances on a daily basis is up to a 100%. Then one day, they drop in performance, suddenly, there’s a fluctuation between them winning and them drawing or losing games. That team lacks consistency.

They are failing to maintain their 100% efforts they use to provide. Like a football team, our lives sometimes or in most cases, lack consistency. We either fail to keep being positive with regards to where we want to go, and who we want to be. A life with doubts, is one with uncertainties and one with uncertainties is one with unwillingness to progress.

We have to remember that to make it to the top, we’ll come across obstacles, we’ll meet people, we’ll have to let go of some of them and at the same time, we’ll have to include others. However, in all this, we need to maintain our shape, our consistency, doing the things that are allowing us to progress presently.

It’ll take time, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why rush to the summit, when you’re not well equipped and prepared to meet the glory and challenges that might meet you with it. Consistency is everything. Dream all you want, but one slip or dip in form can make your dreams all fall down like a stack of dominoes.

Patience is everything, 100% input and sacrifice is much as important too. Keep these in mind, and soon before your eyes, you will own empires and nations you never thought you’d own in your lifetime.

As the old adage says, “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. Let your efforts be the little drops of water, and let them accumulate to the ocean of success.


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