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Why I Show Love; A Gentleman’s Perspective…

I’ve been criticised for showing women love. Ha! I don’t know how offensive that is but in the eyes of every woman I see, I see the reason I’m here on earth. Sometimes you have to look @ a woman as the same woman who brought you on earth.

She deserves respect, love and affection irrespective of her upbringing. Some of us had the chance to be raised up respecting a woman regardless. My mother taught me a few things about respect and although I might backtrack, those morals have never deserted me.

I grew up in a family of four. 1 older brother who I really look up to match and then there are my parents. I wished for sisters but never had any, so my female cousins served as sisters. Somehow on the back of all that, I felt I deserved a bit more, hence adopting more female friends as sisters.

Now to a “typical boy” this would sound foolish because as most guys would say, girls need to be fucked. I totally disagree. If every woman in this world was to be treated that way, we’d never learn to appreciate women for who they are other than their looks. There’s something more to women than just their outer beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, not all women are created with aesthetic appeal, but for those who weren’t created with that, they were created with inborn traits that make you forget about their physical appearance. That’s what makes the female specimen a special specimen indeed.

I was raised to treat a lady like a lady not like a “bitch”. In actual sense, “bitch” isn’t a title, its a trait that a woman shows when she has no self respect, but plenty disregard for others of her kind and worse. As well as this, its a mind state that one can be as “hard”, trashy and cool all @ once.

Very debatable but oh well..

Remember fellas, that within all this “bitchness” and what not lies a fragile being. Hence why I don’t believe in striking a woman. Some men would say its normal, and some would call it love. I call both STUPIDITY! No matter how much a woman crosses the line, the way forward is never in abusing.

Cherish the value of women to the society not just to us men as a whole. They may sometimes nag, be vain, step out of order, but if patience, care, and humility is anything to go by, then they deserve all the praises they get.

Reasoning is the best form of dispute. If there’s no resolution, admittance of error and change, walking away is the wisest thing to do. You don’t boost your dignity by striking a woman, you boost your ego, and if you over boost your ego, nothing really matters anymore. Suddenly your dignity disappears into thin air.

Its good to appreciate and acknowledge the women around you. Not because of the beauty but because of their persona. Their inward beauty, ambition and what they stand for in terms of what it means to be a well primed woman. Separate the ladies from the girls.

For me, I will always give credit where its due. I’ll keep showing love because, those who get it, have justified themselves to get it.

Real gentlemen are hard to find these days. Real men are moulded out of gentlemen.


3 thoughts on “Why I Show Love; A Gentleman’s Perspective…

  1. I love the energy you put into this post, actually I can agree with everything you said! I’m glad to see another gentleman around, yours is a very inspiring post!

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