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Words Of Inspiration (#105)

“From the horses own mouth”. Idiomatic expression which stands for “hearing from an actual source or person”. Do you believe everything you hear at 1st hand or do you sometimes doubt the credibility of the info you are getting at that moment?

There’s an angle or probably its best to say two angles from which this topic can be broken down. One is from the angle of perception. How you view what you hear influences your belief into what you actually hear.

For example, a man who lives life without the thought of there being a possibility of failure at some stage of his life is likely to fall within this category. This man most probably doesn’t believe in risks and risk taking. He goes all out without having a “what if” persona in his DNA.

Chances are that, he’s not likely to recover from a setback either soon or even later because he wouldn’t know how or where to pick himself up from.

The other angle is that of “TRUST”. This is a more common angle used rather than perception. Its a delicate and complex angle to deal with and more often than not, we fall victim to its force field.

What one hears and believes is according to how one feels. We however sometimes tend to allow feelings get in the way of being rational and analysing what is or has been said. The debate here is must we always hear from the horses own mouth or must we straight away skip all doubts and believe whatever we hear.

Its very easy to say “Yes” or “No” to any of these but its also easier for any of these two to cause your downfall. Some would say go with your instincts. Although, since the unpredictability of human beings is far more revealing than anything truth hiding in the dark, I would say, going with your instincts can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.

The best way to avoid all rumours, whispers and info that people might find relevant to convey to you in that context is to just mute your ears. Its easy, no cost, and most importantly, it brings about no conflicts, drama or whatsoever.

Its better to be confronted or met with the situation for you to deal with than to attempt dealing with it, off what has been said and realising in the long run that, there was no fire in the first place.

Avoid battling illusions, deal with reality.


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