Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#106)

We are reminded each day to put a smile on our face irrespective of our trials we go through. Someone asked me once, “why do you always smile?” I told the person, “so far as I’m alive and breathing, I have nothing to be worried about”.

You see, we sometimes forget that this life we’re living has all been planned out. The joy and pain we feel had been determined even before we got into the wombs of our mothers. Yes we may be shocked by sudden events, but that shock should last temporary.

Its all about keeping a positive psyche and approaching each day with confidence to something profitable will be gained. To each pain we receive, there’s a joy in the shadows waiting to be lit. God didn’t put us on earth just to receive pain. He put us on earth so that we can learn from the pain.

That’s where our mental strength comes in. Knowing the difference between right and wrong. Knowing how to rise out of the ashes bigger, better, stronger and wiser. There’s only one place where perfection exists and that’s in heaven.

The imperfection of this world is the best learning pad to understand why there is good and evil. Had the world been perfect, you wouldn’t know such a contrast exist and recklessness would be the order of the day.

Think about it..


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