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Words Of Inspiration (#107)

Our parents look up to us make a good living out of ourselves. They’re duty is to teach us and raise us to becoming responsible people not only for ourselves but for society. There is however one added fact we’re not totally aware. The fact that they want us to carry on their legacy they have built.

Now this may not apply to all homes but just so I don’t separate the less fortunate from the fortunate, let me collectively define this. Our parents @ some stage of their lives wished to have children who would grow up carrying a name that would be forever remembered for positive results.

Even if they’re lives messed up due to either a twist of fate, or they’re own misdemeanours, the dream has been firmly placed within their thoughts. Its up to you to either build or continue they’re legacy.

We all know the cliché story they put to us of how they are regretful of certain mistakes they did in the past. As to whether those mistakes caused them a fortune, or a better life, is dependent on how your life is structured.

Whatever the case maybe, you have the chance to correct those wrongs. You have the unique opportunity to transform the negative comments or perceptions that come with your name to positive ones. All it takes is belief, determination, a positive will spirit and most importantly God’s guidance.

This is probably another reason God put you on earth. You probably haven’t thought about it in that sense but just take a moment to reflect on it. This also applies to those of you who have had the opportunity to experience a better living. However you must remember that humility is everything.

Humility is what bridges the gap between caring for others and others respecting the fact you have a heart of care and love irrespective of your better living.

The message today is simple and straightforward. Build and carry on that legacy your parents have blessed you with. Take advantage of making a positive name for yourself and your family and create a passageway for your unborn generations to follow.

Be the moon to bless the many stars that will look to shine upon others.


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