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Words Of Inspiration (#108)

Road to the finishing line is hard they say,
“Do Not Abandon”, encrypted in your veins as DNA,

People hate to see you rise,
They’d rather watch your tombstone and pretend they wish you were rather alive,

But you don’t live for them, you live for yourself,
You have a purpose and a passion, apply wisdom and let the man upstairs grant you extra wisdom, health and wealth,

Moving in truth is better than sleeping with lies,
Avoid being blinded by deceit and corruption, open your eyes,

Let the doubters abuse you,
For the Lord sees right through you,
He knows your pain,
But let it be known without it you could never gain,

Spread love and abort war,
Live in peace above all,
Opportunities may come short,
But negativity is a liability,
You have pedigree so stand tall,

The bravest survive,
They’re bound for greatness that’s why the graveyard is not your domicile,

Though the pressure pipes may break,
Seal them with a prayer and strong faith,

The world is a movie, we’re the actors so go on and play your role,

Let these words echo through your pinna, vibrate your medulla, reinvigorate your spirit and touch your soul…


One thought on “Words Of Inspiration (#108)

  1. Herttie Serwaah Akoto says:

    DNA?? Do Not Abandon? Wow,nice. And yes,I’ll leave it to the old man upstairs to grant me with “extraordinary” wisdom,health nd wealth 🙂

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