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“Haters”, “Fake Friends”; ENOUGH Is ENOUGH!

No no no! What’s all this “haters this”, “fake friends that”, its starting to get boring to be honest. It seems like just 24hrs later from yesterday, we’ve forgotten the essence of “Good Friday”. People are still talking about “haters” and “fake friends”.


Let’s set the record straight. You can’t murder people who don’t like you or pretend to like you. Its like trying to prevent the Sun from burning your skin when its exposed, no can do!

People listen! We have to come to terms that no matter how much we try these people will forever remain. The wisest way to not have them feel that you feel threatened or worried about them is to isolate your thoughts away from them.

In short, get it over with. They must not exist within your scope of thinking and reasoning. The fact is, your brain is full of boundless capabilities and as that old saying goes, “time is money”.

Don’t afford wasting the precious time you have thinking and calling out people who are just going to sit back, mock @ you and grow an ever negative impression about you. You are worthier than that. Value yourself.

Its time to quit the crappy chit-chat, alarming facebook, twitter, BBM and social networks updates on the insignificant people around us. In plain English “Move The Fuck On & Do You”.

You’re talking a whole lot of BS if you scream out YOLO and still talk about “haters” and “fake friends”. Simply because, YOLO signifies doing whatever POSITIVE you want, as and when you please.

You giving a crap about someone or some people who certainly don’t have you on their agenda is like begging them to get on your case just so you can prove a point.

Maturity is as a result of wisdom. Wisdom is as a result of wanting to learn and grow in a positive manner. Get the picture clear and in HD.


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