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Words Of Inspiration (#110)

In spite of all the riches and fame that may come along your way in life, don’t forget the people who molded you in one way or the other.

Gratitude is an act of appreciating an effort or gesture of some sort. In this case, you are acknowledging the motivators behind your inspired glory so to speak.

Sometimes you watch these award shows, especially the music awards and maybe you haven’t noticed but, has it not occurred to you that the song writers are never given praise or acknowledged?

I mean these are people who spent days and night writing lyrics and sure they get paid for their efforts but should they not be given a shout too?

The mistake we keep making is not valuing the efforts of others. Money is a form of reward, but not enough to say thank you. As a matter of fact, no amount of money is enough to say thank you for the hours, days, months and years spent on a project.

The proper way in my opinion is showing honest gratitude. Honest gratitude is not only saying “thank you” but paying tribute to whoever helped you reach or accomplish your goal. It comes straight down from the heart.

Its neither rehearsed not fabricated. Its a sincere affection and manner of respect that you’ve had about whomever prior to the accomplishment of that goal.

For the legends who’ve passed away, they might not be able to thank you back but their spirits will surely feel the admiration and respect. For those who are alive however, they are bound to respect you for showing them that love and in the near future, would not hesitate coming to your aid.

So you see, every act of good deed comes with a return. Remember, respect will get you a long way in life even if you come short right at your 1st leap.

Humility likewise will also keep your feet firmly grounded and will allow others to have respect for you and desire to always have your company..


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