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Words Of Inspiration (#114)

You don’t need a lot of motivation to live. All that you need is a clear conscience and a purpose. A clear mind here refers to a mind free from the troubles of yesterday. Think of it as starting a fresh page or chapter in your life.

Sadly, some of us dwell back on the events of the previous day. Don’t get me wrong, its ok to reflect, however to recollect and attach them to a new day is more like taking one step forward and subsequently ten steps backwards.

If anything be inspired by the events of yesterday, be it good or bad. Of course one would say the positives carry more weight than the negatives but n actual sense, both carry the same weight. One gives you a sense of high spirits and the other discourages you.

However, if you asked me, which I’d prefer, I’d rather hit a stumbling block than to move freely unharmed. History will tell you that negative situations bring out the best replies in terms of performances but then again, history doesn’t always repeat itself.

All what I’m trying to say is that, you should be motivated each day irrespective of how the previous day or days may have went. Inspire yourself to seek for success and remember that life in itself is taking each day at a time.

There will be bitter days and there will be better days. No matter which days come, no matter how big or small they come, be inspired to live them to the fullest and make a difference. More importantly, an impact of positive results.


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