Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#115)

A few words of truth today.

1. There is a thin line between love and hate. Hatred won’t carry u no where, love however will. Its the only weapon that can both unite and kill people who either like u or dislike u.

2. When in love, we keep hearing love entirely or wholeheartedly. Let me put a correction here. The only being that deserves that kind of love is God. When it comes to humans, use your head 50/50 with your heart. Humans can disappoint you.

3. Whatever that has a beginning surely has an end. Its inevitable, but just remember, as one phase ends, it creates a door for the other. This is why life is evolutionary rather than static.

4. Leave all forms of anger, bitterness and sour feelings @ the door step of your past. Look towards a bright future. @ the same time, learn to forgive, we as humans are not perfect, we’re mistake prone.

5. When people walk out of your lives, wish them well. There’s nothing much more comfortable and soothing. Learn to appreciate the fact that, they were there to have you learn an aspect of life that will mould and shape you into a better person.

6. People will always talk, be it you do something positive or negative. Its called criticisms. Some maybe true, others maybe pointless but irrespective of how they come. Continue believing in yourself and sticking for what you believe in. They will either love you for you or hate you for not being who they’d prefer you to be.

7. Finally, learn to accept things and people the way they are, if you fidget with it once and it doesn’t budge, let it go. Your opportunities are boundless.


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