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Words Of Inspiration (#116)

The price we sometimes pay for fame and recognition may well lead to the death of us. I sometimes ask myself, do people get into arts and entertainment for the fame and recognition or is just an extreme love, desire and passion that drives them into it?

Make no mistake, we all at some stage of our lives or career desire to be heard and seen by masses of people. The worry here however is crossing the line between the fame and recognition and allowing it to enter into our normal lives.

Musicians, actors, actresses will tell you that, its different when you’re on set or on stage performing than when you’re in the normal world. That’s mainly because, whatever happens on set or stage has its benefits. The main benefit being, filling money into the pocket.

Let’s dwell away from the money making part. Time and time we see people throw away friendships and bonds when fame comes in to replace the unknown. This I believe should never be a trait to carry on to phases of your life.

What is fame anyway? Your name up in lights, meeting other personalities and partying with them? So sure maybe it exposes you to others. However, we must not forget the people from the grass root levels.

People who may have indirectly or directly influenced you and believed in you when your doubters seemed to think you were confined to failure. Money and fame for that matter shouldn’t dictate your life, rather all HUMILITY to do that.

You’ll realize that irrespective of how big you are, people even bigger than you will have such an ominous amount of respect for you just because you are humble. Being humble means you came up from a home and environment and yet with every positive situation in your life you still remember who you are and where you came from.

So you decide today. Is the money and fame worth rejecting who you were from who you’ve become or worth giving credit and paying respect to the people who supported you on your way to where you are now..


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