Poetic State Of Mind

The Last Call…

Its the same situation every night,
Those that were once kisses have now
turned into canine bites,
Those that were once cuddles, have now
turned into fist fights,,
Wrong turn in love has now left me with
no right,

No accurate destination,
Darkness is my only light,
My days are filled with isolation,
But my nights are filled with aggression
like a beast from twilight,

Reliving the past in HD,
I wish there was a higher definition to comprehend this condition, I thought what we had was built like ACG,

Naah, maybe I’m just lost in wilderness,
I thought we said God alone could break our chain,
But u tore the Adinkra on the chain, and this only the memory I could envision in clear vision of you,

True what they say,
Love is blind, but so is glaucoma, each is embedded with pain anyway,
Hard thoughts of wickedness,
Mentally unsound like a discordant tune,
Patience kicked to the curb but struck with
such finesse,


Hold on for one minute,
You had your say, let me speak! My call credits are about to finish?

Do you remember the time,
When loving you became a threat like a hazard sign?
Alright fine, maybe I was a bit selfish,
But what I did was selfless never a crime,

You were mine and I was yours,
Like Key Soap marinated with water and dirty chores, the stains were either in-between your panty lining or in my dross,

A joke like this would make you display your 32-fenced wall,
Nowadays when I crack jokes like that, I feel amputated cause my hand is trapped in between your jaws,

See past my flaws, wash away the stained issues with Blue off the floor,
And let our love shine like the UEFA Champions League trophy inside Barcelona’s cupboard,

Nothing more…

I wish things were a little different,
I wish I could stop trying to argue with you
Wish the hands of time could rewind like a PVR this imminent,

So many regrets now,
The pain is like a tackle,
In your heart you want to play on but I’m screaming out FOUL,

Echoes of my previous oaths ring in your ear like a political manifesto,
I know I lust for many but you only love once baby so YOLO!

As I sit on this throne and reflect,
I concede that i conceive misery on my own,
I don’t want an I without a U, all alone,
But funny how all this while I’ve been talking to a dialing tone…


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