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Jungle Vs Zoo: Survival Inquest

There has been much arguments for decades concerning the subject matter I’m about to touch on. As a matter of fact, as we speak its still being debated on but the question really is, who holds the higher advantage?

The world as we know is full of different people. I mean we have different kinds of personalities and different kinds of jobs as well. Now educationalists would say, you need to be proficiently excellent to gain employment. I on the other hand beg to differ,

Do we really need to be excellent academically to work? I mean here we are in 21st century, a much more practical world than previous times. I mean nowadays getting jobs become a problem and it doesn’t matter if you’re a grade A+ student, you just can’t win.

More schools are being built instead of more jobs. Where’s the logic here? Especially considering that graduates don’t start up their own businesses but go straight away working under someone. We are seeking to progress but we are broken down clocks. We keep ticking, but in reality, we are not moving

The real world and an educational institution can be depicted as the jungle and the zoo respectively. You see what our world has been programmed to understand is that, if you don’t survive the zoo, you can’t make it in the jungle.

However, the real situation we find ourselves in,, is one where we see those who either haven’t made it past the zoo or have never been through the zoo surviving pretty well in the jungle. Some may argue that those in the jungle may not survive long if they don’t reinvent themselves.

This to a degree is true but perfection comes with time and change is not always instant. We are practically still living in a prehistoric era and for a nation to make an impact on the rest of the world, we need to cut all the rubbish and fuckery going on.

If the millionaires and billionaires in the world (and I mean those with legit jobs) made it without being excellently proficient, what does that tell you? The hypocrisy and lies must end. The veil covering the truth should be taken off and its time we accept as a whole that gone are the days when our fore fathers dwelled on the significance of obtaining a degree are gone. Dead and buried.

In the end, the jungle will forever remain, the zoos can always be torn down. What matters is your survival instincts and your practical skills. Let’s work towards learning how to deal with the jungle rather than focusing so much on the zoo.

Cause I mean, hey…what good is the brain if it can only record, playback but can’t apply?!


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