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Words Of Inspiration (#119)

Sometimes in hardships or hard times, we need to find an inner strength that will rise us up from the jaws of failure and or disappointments. Not the easiest thing to do especially if the magnitude of hardships you’re going through is larger than you can handle with your normal strength.

However, if there is anything I know about life, then its that, nothing is unattainable and no trial is unconquerable. After we put in our best effort, there is always that hard reality we come face to face with. That being that, the task is bigger and tougher than we imagined and this is how life is.

Life isn’t a bed full of roses, neither is it hell. Life is structured in the sense that it provides us with the right blend of fortune and discomfort so that we can not only relate each situation to the other, but also so that out of the lessons of one, we can learn to discover or prevent the other. Its a win-win situation however you look at it.

Now like I said before, life pushes us beyond our capabilities and here we need to find that extra strength. The main question that determines this strength is “How Bad Do You Really Want It?”. How bad do you want to accomplish that goal, or defeat all doubts when the odds are stacked against you?

Its the desire and passion that boosts this strength. It doesn’t matter how weak you are at the point. When the desire and burning passion boils up, you can come up with an energy that will have you asking yourself where it actually came from.

Remember the word “quit” is a seed from “fear” and you can’t have inner strength when you have fear instilled in you. Its like putting petrol in a diesel car. The car won’t budge. The only way you can call a battle lost is when your eyes are wide shut and your heart stops to beat. That’s when you know its a WRAP!

Its all in the head. Psych yourself up today. The battle may look bigger and stronger, but your inner and mental strength is much tougher. Stay #WINNING


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