Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#120)

You can never understand life unless you’ve come across a sticky patch. Sticky patch here refers to a moment of chaotic mess, a downturn, a roadblock or simply a potential devastating situation.

Don’t just assume that life is all rosey so there’s nothing confusing or sticky about it. That’s just a poison full of unwanted pride and ignorance. Sometimes you need to tell you ego to just chill out for a bit and see what’s really going on around the world.

The biggest mistake in life is actually thinking you have no problems and are way too good to have one. The boxing move called the “hay-maker” was not discovered and name by accident. If they wanted to give a proper technical name for it they’d would call it “surprise hook”.

Life has a lot of hay-makers it produces, and its better anticipating them than to be caught off guard. I’m not saying live your life on the edge or in fear, all I’m saying is that life is full of unexpected situations and you have to be mentally prepared for them.

So as the week starts today, tune your mind right. Be mentally prepared for all obstacles that may come along your way. Your resiliency may be very much needed to get you through irrespective of how minute or gargantuan the obstacles may be.

Siate pronti. 

Estar preparado.



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