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The X Factor…

There are some people who are of the opinion that ex’s are not to be entertained. I regard this as true and false. True being the fact that you want to move on and that probably you ended the relationship with whoever on a bad note.

False being, you may have not ended the relationship on the bad but just because you’re not going out anymore doesn’t make him or her the enemy.

In any case, I think the whole idea of having ex’s as enemies doesn’t make sense. I mean think about it. What is there to hate about someone who was once in your life but isn’t anymore? Yes maybe you guys ended on an ugly note, there’s not point in carrying a grudge all the way to your grave now is there?

Standing by religious principles I grew up with, I believe in forgiving whoever wrongs you and also accepting the fact you may have made mistakes or vice versa. Some emotions may have being brutally hurt but we have to learn to grow out of them.

If someone can’t forgive you or you can’t forgive someone in situations like this then ask yourself this. What’s the point of preaching and acting on Love? Is worth loving @ all if there’s a likelihood that you’re going to be hating in the end?

Hate is a strong word. Words have impact. Love conquers all!


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