Poetic State Of Mind

Baby Mama Trauma…

So what you’re trying to say is that you missed the red light?
Windshields gone , but I swear the seat belts were always on,

Something is wrong, I mean this is inaccurately right!
How did a 1 minute demo, turn into a full song?

It can’t be,
Never, yes we played a match, but that tackle never be penalty,
Enough with your emotional comedies,
Quit trying to act crossed dressed like Tyler Perry,

You cheated a couple of weeks ago,
Threw dust instead of water into my eyes,,
How do I know you weren’t being pollinated by some other flower,,
Sister! Shun dey lie,

What hurts more,, is that these past weeks, we’ve hardly ticked,
Unsuccessful missionary trips,
Intimacy unresponsive like a dead clock,

So this shock is of no power,
Potency cut off like ECG without the vowel That baby ain’t mine and I’m no coward,
Unless thunder and lightening strike, there will be no shower,

Be gone with all your aggre,
Oh you forgot when u moaned that you wanted me to descend from your heart and leave a piece of me in your bele,

I was caught in a moment,
Your bakery is sweet but I’m not ready to bake breads in your oven,
Your face is dent like Harvey, I’m not optimistic of our chances, stop hoping,

You’re perfume has become a poisonous substance that I now breathe,
A life support, you have now become a sick plant, time to cut you off my tree,

And it pains me to see the child come from within a harlot mother,
I pray your sins don’t turn him into a societal bother,

I’d rather wish to see you in pain as he puts you to shame than see you on the bed of a stretcher beneath a white bed cover,

Don’t take this as a diss,
For we once played beautiful music, but u were tired of my vinyl and u chose a scratched compact disc,

Baby mama enough of these lies receding your once sweet nature,
Revealing what has become of your life once molded beautiful by our Creator,

Nope no more encore,
This ship will no longer carry us two, neither will it continue to move, I’m throwing over the anchor,

Shows over, lights out, hit the road,
Wish u peace? Naah I wish you a truck full of agony, regrets and a karma load..


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