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Words Of Inspiration (#123)

Don’t turn bad habits into a way of life. We all have certain negative habits we practice or perform that in reality we are not suppose to do. This could be from gossiping, procrastination, ill manners, etc..

We are trying to mold ourselves into human beings who’ll have a purpose and be respected amongst society albeit the state of the society might be in decline. Nobody ever said we can’t change the state of society. It starts with each individual and not a group.

Without drawing away from the point, we ought to know what habits are good and what habits are bad. Society differs in what is perceived as a good habit or a bad habit. However, within ourselves we ought to know which of our actions are good and which of them are bad.

We ought to know whether our habits are in demands of who we ought to be and or what society demands of us to be. Once we know this, we can ultimately shape our lives towards a meaningful and purposeful future. One of which society can not begrudge and rather than shun would want to embrace.

Bear in mind though that societal demands are not always a true reflection of it should be. Again societal change starts with the individual.

Be an instrument of hope and change rather than a weed of despair and negligence.


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