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Words Of Inspiration (#125)

As we continue our journey through life, we must not fear the inevitable. It’s a simple logic because there are some things we can change and those that we can’t. For those that we can’t, for example, a job layoff of some sort, we just have to embrace them as they come and strategize our next move afterwards.

There are endless questions in life which we as humans ought to find answers to. Some take days, some take years, and other ones, well virtually never. For those that are never, we have to come to terms with the fact until a meteorite falls or something emphatically unique happens, there will never be an answer to it.

Rather than fearing the inevitable, we have to manage to look @ how we can reduce the impact of the inevitable. Better still, we have to look @ what can be learned from them. After all, we are works in progress and for each dead end we hit, we’ll always back up and find another route that will lead us onto the road of glory.

Life of course would not be a learning pad if we didn’t face mishaps, and what not, just like a game of monopoly, we strategize and take chances. Whenever we roll a die, we hope to attain a figure that will either launch us on to safety or to the jackpot.

However, we don’t determine the figure that eventually hits the board, so when we do hit a sticky patch, what do we do? We roll again! Its that simple. The consequences may feel brutal but so far as they don’t kill us, its within our DNA to rise out and rise up for another challenge.

We can not escape the inevitable but we can rise higher from its effect and impact. Think about it!


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