Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#126)

Dormancy is a disease and a very bitter one. Why stay dormant while the world keeps evolving? There’s a measure of satisfaction in personal gains or fulfillment. However just like in the coldest of weathers, when you start a bonfire, you want to keep that fire burning else when it dies out, there would be no warmth. No warmth means you would have failed the purpose of starting the bonfire in the 1st place.

Its one thing gaining and attaining fulfillment, but its another thing maintaining it. For example if degrees were just there to be made with no significance after, then why do people go on to do Master programs? Of course, if those programs could be done straight away then there would be no need to have your 1st degree right?

Life is systematic, however only you can make it static if you decide not to move. In the same way although you might get to a level where you feel you’re good to go, maintaining that level becomes a problem. Simply because @ a point in time, your level of dormancy will be invalid to the worlds ever changing characteristics.

In a way think of it as expanding (not rebuilding) your level of fulfillment and satisfaction. The more you expand the easier you adapt to the changes and the more relevant you become. This is more than an opportunity, its a demand and you need it @ whatever cost!


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