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Words Of Inspiration (#127)

In a world where choices are sometimes if not most times @ a premium, we have the tendency to misjudge our wants for our needs. This misjudgment more often than not leads us into acquiring or possessing something or someone who we probably don’t need in our lives.

The question here is, what are wants and what are needs? Wants are those things you desire for. Things you desire to have and may not necessary be of much significance to you. Needs are on the other hand, things of necessity, they are essential in one way or another to your life.

With that said, how do we distinguish the two. Now, both terms are relatively similar in the sense that both involve acquiring someone or something of some sort. However, what differentiates both terms is SIGNIFICANCE & VALUE!

Wanting something doesn’t necessary mean you ought have that something or that something is of much significance or significant @ all. That is because, it may have a short life span on yourself. You might use it today and tomorrow you’ll leave it somewhere, asking yourself, “to what benefit is this to me now?”

Those are wants but needs are those things that have so much impact on your life. Wants may make you happy for the moment but needs will make you happier for a lifetime. These are things you don’t realize most often of the time the positive effects they have on you until they are broken, inactive or gone.

Here’s a typical of what I’m talking about. Wanting a particular dress which you might probably wear once a year compared to needing a dress that you can wear most times in the year. These two scenarios are different and its with the choice you make that defines its impact.

There are various scenarios to this discussion. Most importantly, that involving relationships. Wanting a man or woman when clearly you don’t need either of them. Most relationships choices are based on the principle of wants and needs and most of these relationships do not work out due to our inability to differentiate between the two.

Priorities must be set right today. Some wants may be beneficial, but again for a shorter period. You must place the needs ahead and not just because “n” comes before “w” but because high significance comes before low significance.


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