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Words Of Inspiration (#128)

What kind of motivation do you search for to power up your day? Do you seek truth? Do you hope to enjoy your favourite coffee and sandwich without any flaw in taste nor interruptions? What inspires you to go out and say “today, I’m going to have an awesome day?”

It might shock you to notice that, all over the world, many people have various kinds of practices, beliefs and what not that inspire or motivate them to look forward to the hustles and bustles of the day. This of course is essential to any human being with a purpose.
People just don’t wake up and wish to do something, they plan ahead.

Now planning is sometimes tedious but eventually it gets done. The hard part is motivating yourself to do whatever you planned to do. Yes there are some people who don’t need any form of motivation but this is because they have become a master of the art of motivating themselves over a period of time.

There are naturally people like that and others who constantly need it every time. There is no math here because you have to remember, not all fingers on our hands are the same and everyone is a master of each of his or her own field.

Motivation comes from being influenced in a manner that pushes you to reach out and attain or do something. Its easier said than done but once you’re able to achieve it, nothing can stop you. Out of this motivation you should be able to give your full 101% effort in striving for excellence.

Less motivation means no results. Its that simple! Spirituality is the best form of motivation. Regardless of difference in religions and traditions, we all believe in a Higher being or higher power. You can find solace within your spirituality and channel the energy you get into motivating yourself in life. And here’s the catch…its FREE!

In the end remember one thing, motivation is nothing without preparation.


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