Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#129)

There’s always big pressure to fill in the boots of a predecessor. Expectations are normally way beyond paramount levels and even a point less of what everyone anticipates can easily have you put on the chopping board. However you must remember that a cool, calm and steady approach will always quench the heat that creeps behind you.

Look, we all have abilities to takeover a job or position but just because expectation levels are to the max doesn’t necessarily mean you have to panic and pull stunts that you know you need ample time to execute properly. That’s why we have projects.

Every project has a stipulated time according to your own ability. Now sometimes not everyone in a group, organization etc might agree, but its your duty to assure them. Let them have faith in you because you stepping up to the position puts you in the role of a leader. They are looking forward to you to drive them on to positive things in the role you play.

You don’t need to panic, just map out a project, shred away all fears, and work to your best ability. Expectations will only be cut short once you execute half of what is demanded. Everybody forgets the urgency to be at the top level when you are halfway through the demands yet they remember how well you did it in the end.

Once again, confidence in your own ability is vital and unless you have that you might look back at your predecessor and shy away from the job altogether. Be bold and put your foot down and remember that within every society or group, organization etc.., are negative people ready to criticize your every move.

Its in your best interest to look past these people and prove them wrong because in actual sense, those kind of people are like gluttons. They are never satisfied and nothing impresses them either.

It doesn’t matter how shiny the shoe is, and how costly it might be, so far as they fit, you go on and wear it!


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