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Words Of Inspiration (#130)

Too much irrelevance in our society today has left me thinking what the state of the world will be 10years from now. The real problems are not being discussed for reasons all pointing out to the fact that this current generation of human beings care less of making a change but more of living life to the max.

Don’t get me wrong, life must be lived but what’s life when you have barriers that prevent you from living it properly? You may think you don’t have a care in the world at the moment and rightfully so, but 10yrs from now, the struggles will be real.

We joke around a lot and this is a good thing, because if we took on all the frustrations of the world, there would be less or worse, none of us living in it. We must stay relevant in the world. Find ways of changing the world and it starts with the tiniest of problems.

Note that tiny problems have a hard time going away than the largest of problems. This is because, we either 1) fail to see the problem and it grows over a period of time to the point it becomes humanly impossible to fix or 2) we underestimate its potential and procrastinate on fixing it immediately.

So the question I would love to pose to you today is “what difference are you making to the world?” You may own properties, cars, be a comedian and what not but if you fail to make an impact in relation to changing the world from the position you’re in, then all that becomes irrelevant once you hit a ditch.

For the world to become existent we as human beings must stay relevant to issues that are destroying it in the first place. It doesn’t call for major impact @ once, but if each of us contribute a tiny factor to fixing it, we would cause a major impact on its healing.

Think about it…


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