Poetic State Of Mind

Let Me Clear My Throat…

Wake up to emancipation, free yourself from verbal & political constipation..

Let it be known that social status is only what separates us from who we are,

But wisdom has no hierarchy, it has no tetris feeling about it,

You either have it or you don’t,

Yes Kojo Baah is a CEO, but even with 1ghana I know the difference between pee’ing in a gutter and a toilet bowl,

Seeds of corruption we sow,
Years of education have given way to fat envelopes,

The teacher is no longer a leader,
His waakye has no meat,
So how should he eat when his meal isn’t
balanced? He no go sati!

If God should save the queen, then the gods of Yaa Asantewa n co should shave the president,

We see the lice of deceit feeding on his scalp,
A better Ghana agenda sold after polls in December like scraps,

And we attack only after then,
Blaming incumbents when we are at war with our reflection,
We want to marry wisdom, but are lusting with affection,

A game of love hate,
Unfaithful lovers and sex mates,

Not driven by what we see but tempted by what we hear,
We are Samson to these Delilah puppeteers,

Ghana is no longer independent,
Our dependence lies on two faces who toss us about like spare change,
We are pivots and they’re the edges with a load of deception to the nations pendulum,

So with a brave face I ask you, who’s going bring about change?
Who’s going to make sure Ama goes to school rather than hunting in the streets for Land Cruisers and Ranges?

Who’s going to make sure Kwabena’s 1st degree is not traded in for Korkor a y’atoto and nkate3 20p?

The future isn’t bright,
Its dull like a non saving energy bulb,
I’d rather sleep in darkness than light a candle of hope that’s fueled by negligence

To hell with this ignorance…


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