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Deeper Than “Sorry”

Now I might not be a “chic magnet” or know everything about a woman, I do however know that the word “sorry” in a woman’s context has less weight in her forgiving you for any offense or whatsoever.

We all know the quote “action speaks louder than words” and also “hell hath no scorn than the wrath of a woman”, so you know when a woman is mad, no amount of words can calm her down.

So here’s the deal, as arrogant and bold as we men maybe, and as much as we may hate to hear this, we need to soften up a little. Yes we have pride and yes we are supposed to stomp our authority but when shit hits the fan, we need to let all that masculinity drop.

Actions do speak louder than words so the word “sorry” needs to be backed by actions. You don’t even have to let it be demanded, just show it. Even when you are not @ fault, just be the fool for once.

There’s nothing much more rewarding than knowing that you’re right when perceived wrong but still go ahead to apologize in more than just words. There’s no gain in showing arrogance and pride when you’re wrong either.

Women demand respect, ladies for that matter. Only a lady can show you that much love and care that your mum probably gave you as a child and they as such a true reflection of the kind of woman you need in your life.

However, even if she’s not a lady, your wisdom and respect can have her think twice of being the kind of woman she is. We all don’t like breaking eggs, the same way, women who are as fragile as an egg, don’t need to be mistreated.

Enough with the cliche’s of Eve n Delilah, real recognize real. You treat her with respect she will do so accordingly, unless she herself lacks respect.

To the ladies, word of an advice, do not put a man in a position where he feels you are trying too hard to make him look bad for whatever crime he may have committed.

Not everyone has the kind of patience and heart to apologize but when the apology is made, and its action is minimal but reasonable, show contentment. Appreciate the effort!


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