Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#131)

Do you find it hard believing that all these hardships we go through in life are actually building blocks for higher grounds of education and success? Do you sometimes look back at your current situation and say “I’ve been cursed”, “I’m not worth living” etc…?

If you answered yes to these, then let me officially congratulate you for being faithless ignorant being. There are no form of apologies here, only the harsh truth needed. Why put yourself through such emotional torture?

Its sad to see people easily breakdown after stumbling across a large stone of adversity. Where’s the endurance? Where’s the purpose and will to fight on? It seems we forget who and why we are here.

We need to reminded time and time again and this is gradually slowing our progress in life. What we need to understand here is that @ some point or stage in our lives, people will stop to care. They will stop reminding us because they too will have their own tea to drink.

Its like a remote controlled car, once the battery dies out, nothing functions anymore. The only difference here is that whereas the batteries can be replaced and easily for that matter, when people stop to care, no one cares again. No one cares unless they’re seeking to exploit you.

I’m here to remind you today that our existence on earth is no fluke. We were not placed on here as mannequins, neither were we placed on here to make up numbers. We each have a mission, and we can only achieve it by fueling our conscience and spirit with faith, belief and endurance.

Finally remember, @ that point when people stop to care, find solace in God and His word. He was caring enough to give you life, so why doubt His care for you to endure through life’s harsh realities?


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