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Words Of Inspiration (#133)

What’s the difference between being selfish and being selfless? Selfish can be defined in the same league as greed. Wanting all to your self and not in any position to share. To be selfless is to give with no conditions, no expectations of returns and more of sacrificing your joy for the cause of others.

How do these 2 contrast? Well one has to do with shutting out all opportunities to share and the other you could say is the reverse or opposite. The most intriguing thing about these two acts is that they are both equally good and dangerous to the human being showing them.

Being selfish is in its normal state deemed wrong and rightfully so but here’s the plain truth, its sometimes the best option you have. Imagine sharing everything of yours you own and I mean everything. The question you have to ask yourself is, are you helping yourself by doing that or better yet are you helping those you are sharing with?

You obviously can’t share your boyfriend or your girlfriend , neither can you share other things like a toothbrush or panties etc.. Sharing comes out of goodness but beware that there are some people who will mistaken your goodness for kindness and these people tend to take advantage of you.

You have to know when to put a limit and say, “that’s it” I can’t be Santa Clause anymore, I have to keep my own. Its called being sensible. Now Selfless on the other hand is what causes our downfall the most when we fail to curb it.

Just like selfishness, when you fail to give, you are branded that way, however you need to know when to give and when not to give and who to give in particular. The most important thing about being selfless is that you don’t expect anything in return.

Its not really in the same context as sharing but rather in the context of giving willingly. There’s no force applied. Again just like sharing, there are others who will take opportunity of you so at a point in time you need to be weary of these people. Know who is worth giving to and who is not worth giving to.

At the end of the day as a human being you need a balanced amount of these traits in you. Its the only way people can know how not deal with you anyhow they wish to deal with you.

We are living in a world where recklessness and carelessness are at an all time high, the brother or sister you serve today may stab you tomorrow. Open your eyes and spot these people before you become a victim of their misdemeanor.

Remember…50% Selfish, 50% Selfless….don’t let one outweigh each other….keep a balanced mentality.


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