Poetic State Of Mind


Eyes behind the veil,
Blindfolded to these people so you tell me, who is real?

The brother with his arms around me says “I got you”
60secs later you’re the roast of his ridicule,

So who is true?
Who’s got your soup when you’re down with the flu?

These days trust issues is a chorus,
The church of stressed and the hopeless emotions have been given away like a torrent,

Have we forgotten so soon who we are?
How we came?
1 womb, 9 months, seems we’ve junk mailed this fact, we have ourselves to blame,

They say pride is without dignity,
I beg to differ, pride sometimes is our only security,

The sister that claims to love you,
What’s love when money is what dominates her thoughts?
What’s love when fame is her turn on,
She’s pretty much energy consuming like a 30 Watt light bulb,

The brother that says he is your king,
You are his queen,
The best thing that ever happened to him,

After a month or two, life is beautiful,
but while you think he’s your hubby,
He’s playing you like a game of ludo, you are just a hobby,

We sell ourselves short each day so we’re fear prone,
But I ask you, when you struggle down to your bare bones, do you not rise back on your own?

The truth has become distant,
Your existence to masses become only evident when you announce your presence,

Who’s real or not is a useless question,
Look in the mirror and realize you’re on own on earth but God is your shield and His word is the ultimate weapon,


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