Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#135)

There are some mornings you wake up and the 1st thing you ask yourself is “who cares about me?” A dreadful question yes but seriously ask yourself this, “did I come to this world to please anyone?”

Ladies and gentlemen, do not replace your purpose for affection. Do not allow emotions to get the best out of you and interfere with your reason for being existent in the world. This life is one big competition.

We are all striving @ achieving our goals, aims and purpose. Its important to realize henceforth that @ some stage during this grueling sometimes fun journey that priorities will shape us.

Some people will be pushed to the curve, not because of hatred or what not, but because @ that point, they will have no benefit or add no advantage to your conquest.

Yes they will bring you down unconsciously and that’s a bitter pill to swallow than anything trust me. So remember when you wake up in the mornings before you ask yourself who cares, remember your purpose.

Only few will genuinely see you to the top but the only One who cares is God. He cares enough to wake you up every morning because He wants you to wake up and realize the reason He hasn’t pulled the cords on you is because He cares.

This world is the survival of the fittest. Less emotions and more focus on the prize to which you are to claim.


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