Poetic State Of Mind

Last Time…

So it came down to this?
U took the high road,
I hit a ditch, what an awful miss

Truth be told, thought you
were the one,
But you placed me @ 2,
Not knowing there was already
some 1,

The ghost of my girlfriends past?
No, got over that, you were supposed
to be the last,
But lightening struck fast,
And suddenly we here dealing with
a blast from your past,

Sad isn’t it?
Always accused of mischief,
Love which was so bliss,
Misinterpreted as a classic example
of social injustice,

What did I miss?
Did I leave out my tongue when we
last kissed?

Or maybe I wasn’t hard like the kid who flipped your brain on & off like an ECG main switch?
Or probably abusive like Mike Tyson
used to be with his fists?

Love behind a veil,
Why give a hoot bout comments
if the love is real?

Let the whole world know if this is
the real deal,
Guess guilt gave this an X-factor

I won’t say any more,
I bid u farewell and hope u don’t fall,
Cause the world is cruel and the evil
that you do like a ball comes back to

But you never have to worry about
that cause you’re always true,
Right boo?


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