Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#136)

Sometimes we wonder why people are not appreciative of the works we do, be it for them or ourselves. Yes I wonder too myself but there’s one thing I always keep in mind @ the back of all this confusion, and that is the principle of “moving ahead”.

You see, as we all know, life isn’t standing still, and as such we have to approach each day with a sense of purpose to attain or achieve something meaningful. The deeds we do for people can be regarded as a trait of caring for them and whether they appreciate it or not, we have to move on.

There is no “undo” button in life, what’s done has been done and regrets are just hindrances from helping us proceed into the next stage of our lives. Whether we love it or not, the 5 fingers on our hands are not the same and just like the fingers, we humans are not all equal.

The most important value is to just keep on being yourself and work harder towards achieving your dreams. If they don’t appreciate you now, they will eventually. However if they never do, its never an issue because fact of the matter is, they never will and that’s just how they were programmed from birth.

You win some, you lose some but you gain nothing from failing to move on.


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