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Words Of Inspiration (#137)

Not the best of mornings to wake up to. The events of yesterday still fresh and there are no surprises there either.

Within a group, a family, a community or nation to lose someone dear is the most hurtful situation to embrace. Especially when its a leader who keeps the unit together. Its almost not worth wishing to be alive as well anymore.

Death is never promised but neither is it inevitable. At some point we will all leave, you just hope it isn’t too soon.

I heard on the radio last night that our former president who passed away yesterday woke up in the morning complaining about his soul not feeling right. Could it be that he felt his death coming? That’s the puzzling nature of it.

You sometimes see it coming, you most times don’t but enough. What next? Well, being that a leader has passed, the unit needs to rise up from the debris and practice what the leader had been preaching.

Its a transition period for the unit. Differences need to be put aside and an olive branch needs to be extended to all who need it. Death does bring people together but more so, it has to unify the people.

For the people of Ghana, this is a wake up call. The username is Unity and the password is Peace. R.I.P President John Evans Attah Mills.


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