Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#138)

The world can be your mantle but it does not revolve around you. Its funny how people sometimes are of the impression that everything is and should be about them. This of cause is logic that comes from a mind of an over egotistic power driven person.

The downside of basing your life on this logic is that you tend to push away interests of people who may have noted for more than the obvious reasons. There is no respect here either to be honest because in truth, no one loves a person who blows more than his trumpet can hold.

There’s a simple reason for the world not being about you. You haven’t gone through nothing in life. Sure you may say you did this to get to that, you went here to get here but believe me, people have been through worse and the worst yet you don’t hear them yapping about it.

Even more so, there are doubly important issues that weigh more and have much more essential value than you the mere human being. This form of self-centered behavior believe it or not gets you quicker to your grave than even a natural death. Simply because somewhere out there, someone or some are looking to shut you up eternally.

Its high time we realized that humility is the way forward. Time to respect the issues and people around us especially those that matter. Realize that no one’s life is based on yours and the furthest you can go to being important is by being an inspiration (positively) to others.


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