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Words Of Inspiration (#139)

As I woke up this morning to say a prayer, I was almost lost for words. Death had once again taken another soul from us the night before and though I count my blessings like I always do every day, it just didn’t feel right.

Our faith in God is always tested with tragedy like this every time and this week, I believe a lot of people have been tested. I’ve read quotes of “God isn’t being fair” and “God how could you”, the pain is unbearable and real.

Despite the pain we feel, I’m here to remind you to build upon that faith you have in God. Its a hard situation, but as much as it hurts, bear in mind that the departed wishes nothing but peace unto your soul. Plus, nothing more would make that soul happier than to see you prosper and smile but with him or her in mind.

I’ve lost a couple of friends in years gone by, recent one being last year and when I think about how I felt then, it feels like I just heard the news 20mins ago but I believe that wherever she is, she is looking down and wishing me nothing but peace, love, joy and success.

All I’m trying to say is, as we reflect over the death, though reality is making us hard to come to terms with it, let us build a stronger faith. Through prayer, we can do that.

Finally, let’s hit the brakes a bit on life and slow down. Yes life is short but make gentle strides. There’s no excuse for trying to live a fast life and ending your life shortly.



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