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Words Of Inspiration (#143)

Don’t make bonds or pacts you can not keep. Loyalty is one of the most underrated things to do in this world but just think about the profits that would come out of it if it were to be taken seriously most times.

I believe in loyalty and I believe that when a person confides in you and tries to develop a pact or bond with you, there are two things to consider. Firstly depending on the vibe and chemistry you two or however many you might be have, its always the best to ask yourself whether you feel comfy around the person.

Your comfort zone is like your own box…unless you step out of it, no one can step on your toes, no matter how hard they try. If you don’t feel comfy, trust me, you never will with that person or those people. There’s no harm in admitting to the parties involved about how you honestly feel about them.

Yes they may get hurt but @ least you would have old them the truth. The 2nd thing to consider are the feelings of the other party. Now maybe you might feel like, well he’s not so bad, she’s not so bad, they are not so bad, but where you might have passed in confidence and flying colours, they may have serious issues to deal in that department.

Its vital to access response levels. How would he or she or they respond to an action of mine if it doesn’t involve malice? Can I tolerate the tantrums he or she or they may burst in? Am I the right person to be around these people? Look, you are trying to influence and to some decent respect change the lives of an individual or individuals for the better. Do you really want to send out a negative image and perception?

No. Therefore you need to access the reactions and admit to yourself as to whether you are the best person in the best position to be there for that or those people. Like I said loyalty is very crucial and especially in bonds and pacts. If you don’t have it in you, don’t get involved. #SIMPLES


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