Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#144)

If for every wrong choice we made in life, we would receive a cane mark on our backs, I guess many of us would have been dead by now. Its crazy to think about that concept in this way right? Well truth is we allow ourselves to get beaten up in the same instance.

Life is full of probabilities. For example, the probability of someone else other than you reading this piece. We can assume or guess by the nature of the content or by some other value to determine whether the piece will be read by many or none.

The same way, life behaves in this sense. We are stuck with hard choices to make, and we often hope we are choosing the right ones. Yes we celebrate when the right ones are chosen but must we batter ourselves for the wrong ones?

No! What we must do is to learn from the mishap and move on. Its like the other day I was watching an Olympic football game between Great Britain and South Korea. They had to settle the match in a round of penalties. Now Great Britain lost because they missed a penalty.

The player who missed was in denial and angry to the point he wanted no consolation from neither his teammates nor his coach. This is an example of a person allowing a bad choice to beat him up. The game of penalties in itself is a game of decision and involves instinct delivery and perfect execution.

People you see, yes it may be a break or make moment in your life, but as much as it hurts move on from it quickly. Don’t block your chances to be a better man by allowing such moments to get to you. Spur on towards the next challenge. Use that poor moment as a fuel to power you up to top of the totem.

Win, Lose or draw…you’re always going to remain a winner.


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