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Prescription 101: Meditation

These last couple of days I’ve found meditation as possibly if not the most powerful source of calmness and peace within the human body.

Its amazing because I was never really a big fan of the process but I thought to myself “why don’t I try this for once and see what happens”. I might be late on this but believe me, the wonder it does is amazing.

I believe the word stress is far from just a word. To me stress is an illusion. You allow yourself to be stressed when you do not make available to you the principle of patience and a relief for whatever strain you may gain.

There is no doubt that meditation works and what amazes me the most is how it runs down from the brain to every part of your body. Its power rejuvenation attribute is real, not only physically but mentally and spiritually.
The key here is to have a clear presence of mind. Some people bring to mind their frustrations of the day thinking that would help ease the situation. Remember this is a therapy and more so, its more of a physical, mental and spiritual cleansing.

Since I started, I can’t deny that I’ve been in the best of shapes. I’ve never been the type to fuss over an issue for long but right now I can confidently say I’m on my way to shortening how long I process such matters.

I believe meditation is a definite for everyone. Yes it can be used for evil but let’s be real with ourselves. You would rather want to live longer than die prematurely right? There you go.


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