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Final Thoughts: Uncle Attah

As we say good bye to a great man of peace I still can’t phantom why a nation like ours deserved this immense grief. Some may attribute this to our attitudes as citizens and the manner in which some of us treated him. Some may also say this is a wake up call out of our naive and ignorant living.

I believe that all this name calling and blaming should cease once and for all. Not because we are marking his death starting from today but because all the man did ever want for the nation is peace.

How many people do you know would put their nation ahead of their health irrespective of how critical their health may be. An act of such selflessness deserves infinite gratitude. You can’t put a price tag on that. You can’t even measure its depth.

This is more than a wake up call. In all my life, I never thought the day would come where we would lose our president. I sit here with heavy pain in my heart. A man who took a decision that many of us truthfully would shy away from. A man who was rebuked just because of his affiliation to a party.

Indeed his works may not have been noticed but those who did, did not look @ him as a member of NDC, they looked @ him as a father, a leader, a disciple so to speak. They saw who the man represented, and despite the chorus of Asomdwee Hene by the masses, only a few understood the tag.

It was deeper than just a tag, it was an attribute embedded in his DNA and he showed it wherever he was. Many have already started talking about the polls in December, really?

It amazes me how some would even make mockery of his death let alone start talking about December polls. Our priorities have once again been distorted and its such distortion that has constantly caused our downfall.

Whether the nation stays unified after his burial is still one for the future. However if peace fails to prevail after he’s finally laid to rest in his grave, then this hypocrisy of paying respect to him shall forever be a curse on a land that does not deserve such treatment.

Once again, let’s use not only the next few days but the rest of our days, months and years to reflect on the late presidents deeds, and try to live an exemplary life. Let the word “PEACE” mean more than just a 5-letter word to you and what it means in a dictionary.

Rest In Perfect Peace – Uncle Attah


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