Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#146)

Sometimes we have to learn to depend on ourselves and stop blaming others for their inability to help us when we down on our knees.

Fact of the matter is, no one is a psychic, and in the same breadth every person has his or her own issues to deal with. People these days are quick to judge others on their inability to have their backs when they were in needs. Its all a bunch of (pardon my language) BS!

Instead of blaming people, who bear in mind have different lives to live other than you have, its time we strife to make something for ourselves. Remember we are living in a world where the quote “Each man for himself* is very much in existence and only. few people are willing to honestly and diligently come to your aid.

Long gone are the days where help or aid were given effortlessly. Some will blame it on economic hardships, others will say its who they are. I guess in a way times have changed.

Remember that growing up is a process and people have been placed @ certain stages to aid you in progressing from one level to the other. However its vitally essential that we develop a culture of striving, persevering and working on our own towards success.

Taking upon yourself roles and responsibilities will improve you as a human being. Mentally, we ought to see these roles and responsibilities as a chance to expose our strengths and weaknesses.

Once that is achieved you will be able to learn 1. Know where and when you need assistance and 2. how to rely on yourself even when others decide not to assist you.


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