Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#147)

Call a spade a spade. When we younger, we were thought to leave spats between people behind us and make up. You had no option then because a spanking would be the end result if you failed to heed to such a cause.
Fast forward to the present day, spats are even now much more on a premium, with most unresolved. Did we learn the lessons of yesterday?

I don’t think spats should be entertained for longer periods, worse case, forever. There is no sense in it. Its sad to see people go to lengths just to get revenge @ other people they have grudges with. My question, you revenge and then what? Surely you’re not going to tell me that having revenge on a minute matter is going to give satisfaction of immense proportions are you?

We need to grow along with our age, and learn to deal with situations like these with a much matured approach. We can’t keep reviving our childhood past like making a 3D version of a classic movie, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

We may have been young, naïve and reckless to some degree as a youth, but we are growing up into professionals. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to learn what’s right from wrong and as such, we must behave professionally towards issues of such nature.

We don’t have to like everyone but respect should be given regardless and the principle of love should also follow through. Even angels have love for demons, how much more us mere mortals?

Rather than waste all your energy over mere spats and arguments and taking them into the next century, let’s learn to sort out our grievances and learn to live in coexistence with each other. Let’s make the nation better by working together rather than breaking it by being on the end of each others throat.

Peace, Love & Happiness – need I say more?


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